Why choose us

With BoxMeta, there are no surprises. Our core principles of Customer Service, Communication, Integrity and Collaboration guide us in all of our business relationships. Our process delivers a technology management experience that our customers value as irreplaceable.

Customer Service

Help Desk: With BoxMeta you never have to worry about response times. Our service desk is always available to answer your call. If we can’t fix your issue remotely, we will be at your door, in no time!

100% US Based Support: No one knows our clients better than we do. You will always speak to one of our locally based technicians which are dedicated to your success.

Customer Satisfaction: Our internal 25 point process is designed to gather regular feedback from our clients. This process ensures that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Assessment: Our onboarding process ensures that we have complete clarity on your business, industry and process. Our clients value BoxMeta as their trusted technology partners, not just IT consultants. We are always addressing your immediate needs and looking into the future.

No Geek Speak: Our technical staff makes sure that our clients understand and are comfortable with their technology requests.

Client Portal: Our client portal is designed to deliver real time access to service requests, billing, technology assets, documentation and more.


Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, you may cancel your agreement and we will also help you find and transition to a new provider.

Customized Solutions: One size does not fit all. BoxMeta’s team of technology experts takes the time to understand your business. Our discovery process ensures that every recommendation is customized to meet the clients’ unique requirements.


Cross Training: We conduct regularly scheduled technology staff meetings, designed for the transfer of knowledge with regard to client information, projects and deliverables.

Product Training: We spend hundreds of hours testing products and evaluating existing products to ensure that we stay ahead of the technology curve. BoxMeta provides the technology staff with a laboratory for testing products as well as a wide range of other industry resources, including product training and certifications.

Extension of your IT Department: For many of our clients we are their complete IT department. If your company already has an IT staff, we augment that staff to perform the daily maintenance of the network. This allows your staff to dedicate more time to work on the bigger issues. We also work as consultants with your IT staff on more complex projects or deliverables, where they may not have the expertise or resources.

For the best IT support and solutions in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine or Orlando, contact BoxMeta at 904-229-0922. Visit our website, www.BoxMeta.com for more information.