Why is VoIP better than a traditional phone system?

Why is VoIP better than a traditional phone system?

What is VoiP? VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Unlike traditional / analog phone systems, VoIP calls travel entirely over the internet. The benefit of VoIP includes features, flexibility, productivity and lower service costs.

How to Dispose of Old Computers and Electronics

Everyone struggles with how to dispose of old computers and electronics. In fact, if you are reading this post, you probably have a mound of gadgets, electronic equipment and computers in your home and/or office. Most of us feel guilty just throwing it away in the trash, not to mention the security implications of the data that may be on the devices.

Are You Prepared for Windows Server 2003 End of Support?

The end of life support for Microsoft’s 11 year old server operating system, Windows Server 2003, is rapidly approaching on July 14, 2015. This follows the end of support for Windows XP, this past spring. Failure to upgrade your server operating system, dramatically increases any company’s cyber-security risks.